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Our Plan is Not God's Plan

I sit and reflect on what is God’s plan in my life. Too much to think about - too overwhelming. "Let go and let God" is what I hear the loudest in my heart and in my head. The connection: God determines the good I have to offer. His gifts given to me... and to you.

So, we wait and reflect. We reach out to others; we don’t focus on our disappointments. Our plan is not God's plan. As Hannah prayed in 1 Samuel 2, so must we: “My heart rejoices in the Lord! Oh, how the Lord has blessed me! Now I have an answer for my enemies, as I delight in your deliverance. No one is holy like the Lord! There is no one besides you: there is no Rock like our God." (v. 1-2).

So, my brothers and sisters, look not inward, but upward to what God has planned for us individually and corporately.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, help us to remember that You and You alone are in control. Help us not to be distraught about what we can or cannot do, what doors have closed or have yet to be opened. But, when we knock, the door will be opened in God’s time and with His infinite wisdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

- Jane Boritz

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