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Let Us Rejoice Always

Revelation 19:7-6

"Let us rejoice and be glad and give glory to God, for the Lord our God the Almighty reigns." A few simple words, but the depth of them at this time in our lives, in our country, and in the world are mysterious, yet profound. They are like a disruptive blazing siren. Have I been rejoicing, or have I only been crying out with grieving passion, "Lord, how could you allow this pandemic that is shaking the emotional and economic foundations of this world?" Last week I pulled from a bookcase a long forgotten book, God at Eventide, and I read a few of the short daily readings. All seemed to stress Christ's daily interest and concern for the little things in our lives, particularly during times when a large problem is looming and it feels like we are forgotten. The readings conveyed how Christ is walking with us, even in times of darkness, sending us blessings each day to show his love and concern for us. My time pleading with God and His Son to rid the world of the coronavirus pandemic and many of my other requests were appearing not to be heard. I kept asking, "God where are You?" Then the readings from God at Eventide began to point me in a new direction. I began to look for the ways that God blessed me every day. I was amazed at how my attitude changed. God's blessings given daily - sitting on the lanai looking at God's beautiful creation of a cloud-filled sky, palm trees blowing in the wind, birds flying through the air - all gave me a chance to rejoice in God's glorious creation. In the mail, getting notes from both of my children saying, "I love you, Mom" gave me a chance to rejoice at the amazing loving gift God gave me in my two children. Taking time to look at the beautiful colors of some roses gave me a chance to rejoice in God's small blessings. Writing this devotion has given me time to reflect on Christ the Good Shepherd and how over the years he has watched over me.

Yes, rejoice at his faithfulness and love. If God watches over us, blessing us each day, trust that He reigns lovingly over all, even over the areas where we are not necessarily getting the answers we want, even over the coronavirus. Let Us Pray:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I come before You with great thanksgiving, and I rejoice because of the wonderful gifts and blessings that You bestow on me each day. Help me not to be blinded by the enormity of the coronavirus. Help me to trust in You, knowing that You reign with love, mercy and compassion. Help me to take comfort and rejoice in Your love. Christ, thank You for the painful sacrifice You made by dying on the cross to give me the gift of eternal life with You. Help me to show You each day my love and my thanksgiving through the meditations of my heart, the words of my mouth, and my actions. AMEN.

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