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Free Watermelon and Blessing

"Free Watermelon and Blessing," my sign said, as I set up to watch God work. I was set up just outside the CHS campus across from the gas station entrance. Dorrie, Vicki and I - with our faces covered in masks, and prayers waiting in our hearts - waved as each car passed.

God impressed on me that this is a time "He" wished to work and not to accept money for the watermelons being given away. Many who came wanted to donate, and the first time I accepted their money. But God impressed on me again that this was not about money. As I freely gave the melons to one after another and refused cash, I watched as God expressed His "Love," and then "Joy" exploded into the atmosphere.

To see the gratefulness from our neighbors from every walk of life was amazing, and it truly touched my heart. With each neighbor who stopped, I asked their name and if they had a prayer request.

  • There was Patricia who prayed not to kill her kids as she homeschooled.

  • Sarah who recently lost her mother and needed comfort.

  • Frank asked healing for his wife, Terry, who was recovering from an accident.

  • Chris needs a job and help with finances.

  • Laura whose 4 month old granddaughter (Everleigh) is going for major surgery.

  • Arthur, Ava and Francisco prayers for health.

  • Sherika and Fran need provision.

  • Vera and Randy ask protection from coronavirus and healing for their cousin Patti.

  • Dan misses his mom who recently passed away.

  • Diane needs provision and housing.

51 people stopped for a watermelon, and all allowed me to pray a short blessing over them for God to go before them and protect them. One lady said she was not religious. I assured her neither is Jesus, and I blessed her in his name. I was pleasantly surprised by a Muslim couple who greatly appreciated the gift and the blessing as well. The day was beautiful and wonderfully blessed by God. Serving and blessing our neighbors feels good. Perhaps we cannot all do something as eventful as giving away a load of watermelons, but all of us can love our neighbors in some small way. Philemon v. 7 says, "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you friend, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people."

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