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Everything Spoken by God is Possible

Luke 1:37

"For everything spoken by God is possible."

How many times throughout history have humans looked at a situation and thought, “This is impossible!”? The Israelites facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian army breathing down their necks. David staring at the knees of the giant, Goliath. God’s newly-freed nation in the middle of the desert with no food or water in sight. The Israelite army peering at Jericho’s very high walls.

Yet time and time again, God has proven that the boundaries which define what is humanly possible are easily demolished by a mere word from His mouth. He can make a way when there seems to be no way. It wasn’t Mary’s job to figure out how to get a baby without a husband. Her part was simply to accept God’s word and trust Him to do it no matter how impossible it seemed. What has God called you to do that feels impossible? Dear friend, the miracle for making it happen isn’t on you; it’s on Him who called you. God was gracious to answer Mary’s questions of how. But to many of us, He simply says, “Trust me and walk with me day by day.” Sometimes, we get crumbling walls, slain giants, parted waters, and food right out of the sky. But other times, we get a gentle breath from the Almighty reminding us that He who called us is faithful. Remember, His whisper is as powerful as His roar. Trust God today with the painful parts of your story. He has a plan that includes your good. Let us pray: Jesus, what our hearts need most is to withdraw and simply be alone with You. Help us hear your whisper and your roar. Prepare us to go out and do the impossible in your love and power and name. Amen

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