Coronavirus Diocese Update
May 14, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Today, the lead bishop of our diocese, Dabney Smith, sent this note to all Southwest Florida Episcopal churches:


"I am writing you today in regard to the new and revised CDC guidelines that have come into effect. These guidelines will grant a great deal of freedom to fully vaccinated people.


I first and foremost advise you to primarily take into account the safety of your parishioners and church sanctuary buildings. Please follow the CDC guidelines as completely as possible.
In addition, I advise the following:

  • For fully vaccinated people, mask wearing and social distancing are optional

  • For non-vaccinated individuals, mask wearing and social distancing are highly recommended

  • For the time being, guidelines for Holy Communion will remain the same."


CHS will continue to respect your personal decision.  I believe most of us are vaccinated or in the process of doing so.  But let me take a moment of personal liberty to say THANK YOU to one and all for your patience, forbearance, and respect given during this very difficult year.  You've adapted to new ways of service, dynamics in worship, and interactions with each other.  Not always easy nor always our preference, but you've shown respect and dignity for the greater good.


We will have to continue to adapt and press on, as we're "not out of the woods yet."  So please still be mindful of the space and cues your brothers and sisters in Christ may ask for themselves.  We are no one's judge.


But if you're mutually comfortable with one another, there can now be a return to handshakes and hugs for The Peace, as well as for general fellowship.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Michael +